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Arguments Against 6-Year Limit:
Cure for the Demagogue's Disease
Do your arguments evaporate if such enforceable term limits applied to the

Adolf Hitler, Alfredo Stroessner, Bokassa, Charles Taylor, Daniel Moi,
Fidel Castro, Francisco Franco, Francisco Nguema, Francois Duvalier,
Hadji Suharto, Haile Mengistu, Idi Amin, Kim il Sung, Kim Jong-il, Mao
Zedong, Meles Zenawi, Milosevic, Mobutu, Mussolini, Nicolae Ceausescu,
Omar al-Bashir, Pinochet, Rafael Trujillo, Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein,
and Stalin.

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What are the arguments against universal mandatory six-year
tenure limitation on the Heads of State of every country in the