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Cure for the Demagogue's Disease
Belarus: President Lukashenko obtained a referendum to cancel the constitutional term limitation.  Thus allowing
him to stay in power.

Cuba: President Batista was barred by term limits to run for reelection in 1944.

Haiti: President Aristide was not allowed by term limits to serve two consecutive terms.

Nigeria: President Obasanjo was unsuccessful in his attempt to remove two term limits so he could serve third
Philippines: By declaring martial law, President Marcos circumvented the constitutional term limitation.  Thus
allowing him to stay in power.

Russia: President Putin announced in 2006 his intent to leave the presidency in 2008 at the end of his second 4- year
term, as required by the Constitution.  However, in 2007, he indicated he may become the Prime Minister so he can
hold on to power.

Rwanda: President Habyarimana twice used referendums to circumvent the single term constitutional limitation.  
Thus allowing him to stay in power.

Turkey: President Demirel could not be reelected because the Assembly refused his proposal to amend the
constitutional term limitation.  Thus, he was out of power.

Yugoslavia: Shortly before Tito died he amended the constitution so no official, however highly-placed, can hold
any post for more than four years.
Actual examples involving term presidential limitations: