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by Edward A. Morris,
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New Thinking
Cure for the Demagogue's Disease
New Thinking is Needed!
Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress held hearings to determine
why people in so many countries hate the United States.

President Bush in his inauguration speech on January 20th, 2005 said:  “As long as
whole regions of the world simmer in resentment under tyranny, violence will
multiply in destructive force, and cross our most defended borders.”  He pledged to
"wipe out tyranny" throughout the world.

It was a noble thought, but did he have a nonviolent plan to accomplish it?  Even
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pondered that question.  How can you cause
corrupt leaders to hold "free and fair elections," that will remove them from power?

So where did she look for an answer?  She called on Americans to offer suggestions
to the State Department for reshaping America’s foreign policy to achieve the
President's noble mission.

Likewise, the Council on Foreign Relations emphasized the need for new thinking,
and recommended that the government look to the private sector for some entirely
new ideas.

Since tenure limitation can bring on dramatic improvements in the world’s political
health, it should be given a chance.  If it does not work, nothing is lost; the world
can always revert to the old inefficient violent system.

If the world should not adopt this idea in the near future, there is an excellent
possibility that it will do so after World War III—certainly, after World War IV.
However, recovery from the ravages of the demagogue’s disease can be
accomplished without war.

Occasionally there occurs a rare opportunity to change history by doing the right
thing.  It’s often said that democracies end up doing the right thing only after
having tried all the alternatives.  The UN and the U.S. tried numerous alternatives
and failed. Now the time has come to try doing the right thing.

The worldwide six-year tenure limitation is that idea whose time has come.