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A mandatory worldwide maximum six-year tenure limitation is a prescription for
curing the world of entrenched tyrants.  Such tenure limitation can bring on
dramatic improvements in the world’s political health.  There is a practical,
nonviolent way to accomplish it and a feasible way to enforce it.

During the past twenty-five years, numerous demagogues have been toppled, which
has shown us that the enforcement of the six-year rule is feasible.  In the last few
years, there has been an important change in the world’s attitude toward tyrannical
national leaders. For example, the United Nations and the United States used troops
to remove the elected heads of state of Haiti, Granada, Panama, Yugoslavia,
Somalia, Congo, Rwanda, and Iraq. Also, there are now world tribunals endeavoring
to punish tyrants who have been guilty of genocide, such as President Milosevic of
Yugoslavia and President Taylor of Liberia.

All lending organizations, such as the IMF and World Bank, can condition loans to
tyrant-controlled countries by requiring them to comply with the six-year limitation
and have their elections sanctioned by the UN.

The initial reaction you will receive to the idea of this tenure limitation will be
ridicule, or at least arguments about why such legislation would never be enacted.  
That is exactly what occurred when California and 21 other states first started
proposing tenure limitations on State politicians.  However, the more the concept
was discussed, the more it becomes acceptable, and eventually became law.
What is the Solution?
Cure for the Demagogue's Disease
Cure for the Demagogue's Disease