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How can ordinary people rid the world of tyrants?
We should now pursue a universal six-year limitation on the Heads of State of
every country in the world. The evidence for why such a limit is needed has
become overwhelming, and the means for its enforcement has at last arrived.
With extensive use of the Internet, with many websites, such as,
like-minded citizens in all countries will come together to join in this noble

This new instant means of worldwide communication will play a large role in
persuading all countries to enact a universal six-year rule, and to enforce the rule
when tyrants violate it.

The world’s 2 billion cell phones, now in the hands of ordinary people, with text
messaging and photos, can become more effective than a machine gun in ending
the world of tyrants. No longer needed is the bomb or the bullet.

The blogs and chat rooms will provide ways to compel reluctant leaders. The
extraordinary story of the overthrow of Milosevic, the “Butcher of the Balkans,”
by a nonviolent group of students using the Internet is documented in the film
“Bringing Down a Dictator.”

A world-wide chain mail message to raise awareness could recruit supporters.  The
Web can urge the mainstream media to report on untold stories.  Cell phone
videos and camera phones can document atrocities.  In the past, an unreported
political torture of a single individual produced intimidation into silence.  Thanks
to the Internet, the episode becomes overnight a national story, and the subject of
vigorous world wide debate.

A world-wide simultaneous e-mail campaign to UN and to Congress, demanding
the 6-year rule, would create a media event that could not be ignored.

Oppressed citizens can organize from safe positions across the national borders
from the tyrants.  Within tyrant-dominated nations, if thousands of angry citizens
unite in a massive
e-rebellion, the dictator can not control them with poison gas
or army tanks.  Even if a tyrant were to shut down the central network
infrastructure, the future “mesh network” could enable laptops, PC’s and smart
phones to connect directly to each other without any central framework.

It is ironic that the technology that makes the poor peasants of the world realize
there miserable condition, is the very technology that rescues them from tyranny.
It is not a matter of whether it will happen, but when.
The Cure
Cure for the Demagogue's Disease