End Tyrants Now!
What is the DemagogueÂ’s

Whatever else one might say
about the present state of the
world, short of a nuclear war,
the planet could hardly be
much worse off than it is
As headlines and news
broadcasts tell of turmoil
throughout the world, a
medical metaphor, "the
demagogue's disease,"
points an accusing finger at
Heads of State, in every
country, whose inflated egos
create in them an
overwhelming desire to
remain in positions of power
and glory.  Many scheme to
be “President-for-Life.”
The political Heads of State
of the majority of the
countries are continuing to
use their positions for their
self-interest rather than for
the welfare of their citizens.
So the citizens' younger
brothers and sisters end up
fighting and dying to remove
the very tyrant whom their
older brothers and sisters
had once hailed as a liberator
and fought and died for.
Many coups occur after a
demagogue has been in
power for more than six
years.  The coups never
would have been needed if a
six-year rule had existed and
been enforced.  Without such
a rule, the citizens of those
countries must resort to
bombs, bullets, or coups to
get rid of their demagogues.
Unfortunately, such civil
rebellions completely disrupt
the economy and destroy the
infrastructure of those
desperately poor countries,
making it even more difficult
for the next leaders to solve
the problems.
End Tyrants Now!