End Tyrants Now!
Who is promoting this movement?

Edward Morris is a former Regent of
University of California and a former
Chairman Advisory Board of
Lawrence Hall of Science.  He was
also the President of the Weather
Modification Association, which
involves making rain and snow.  In
addition, he is the former President
of Alumni Association of University of
California.  He was Vice-Chairman of
the committee that oversees the
research laboratories in which the
nuclear weapons of the nation are
He is a retired civil trial lawyer.  He is
a Professional Member of the
National Speakers Association.  He
was an active member of Business
Executives for Peace in Vietnam, and
also served on a regional advisory
board of Amnesty International.
He has appeared on hundreds of
radio and television programs
advocating tenure limitation of
Heads of State throughout the world,
and testified before U.S.
Congressional hearings.
Mr. Morris is a former International
President of the International
Brotherhood of Magicians.  He has
performed on stages throughout the
He owns part of a South Pacific
island, where he and his wife live a
simple life for three months each
year with no TVs, no radios, no
phones, and no computers. They are
both night-certified SCUBA divers.
Their principal home is in San
A native of Springfield, Illinois, Mr.
Morris was an Air Force officer
during World War II.  His books
include The DemagogueÂ’s Disease,
and Evolution to Sainthood, and the
Cure for the DemagogueÂ’s Disease.
Mr. Morris firmly believes that the
mandatory six-year tenure limitation
is an idea whose time has come, but
it requires thousands of citizens in
every nation using the Internet to
accomplish and enforce it.
More detailed information is in the two books: The DemagogueÂ’s
Disease, and CURE for the DemagogueÂ’s Disease.  They are $8.00
each, plus $2.00 postage and handling.  However, it is not
necessary to read the books to develop your website and start
putting an end to dictators.  The basic concept is to persuade
every country to change their constitution to limit their Head of
State to a single six-year term of office, and then out of power

May the Force be with you!
End Tyrants Now!